Will I possibly grow more?


Hello minister,

I have some questions I’m not sure about.

First, I know for a fact I’m in stage 4 because I’ve only grown 1.5 inches since July of last year, and I’ve already had a growth spurt of 6+ inches, but I’m worried about how much more I can grow. I’m only 5’6, and I want to make it to at least 5’10. Is it possible?

Also, my penis has grown a lot in length, but the girth is only 4.25 inches. Do you think it could grow more, and if so, when?

Thank you.


Boys in stage 4 tend to grow 1 to 3 inches during the two years they are in that stage. While you indicate that you are in stage 4, I don’t know how far into the stage you are. However, you are looking to add another 4 inches, and that is not likely to happen.

The average circumference of an adult male penis when fully erect is 4.6 inches. You are about a quarter inch less than the average, which isn’t a significant difference.


Thanks for answering.

When I took the test, it said I was in stage 4.1. Is it at least likely I might add maybe 2 inches?


That would be more reasonable.