Will my eating problems affect my growth?

Last updated on October 1, 2020


I have problems with eating, in that I don’t want to eat, but when I do eat, I eat a lot and then attempt to throw it up which doesn’t work. My question is, how will not eating enough affect me growing up and going through puberty.


What you are doing does not allow your body to store the appropriate nutrition for maximum growth. As you develop, when certain nutrients are needed, they won’t be there, which will lead to you not developing properly.

You are not practicing self-control. You are starving yourself until instinct takes over and your body tries to make up for the damage you are doing to yourself. Thus you go through cycles of losing control and harmful restraint. True self-control is managing your intact to what your body needs without going to excess.

Therefore, the better question is why are you starving yourself?