Will my hormones eventually settle down?

Last updated on August 29, 2020


Will my hormones eventually settle down? Sometimes I feel as if I’m going crazy! Even when I’m not aroused, I still feel an urge to masturbate. Whenever something pops up that could sexually arouse me, it is like every part me wants to look, and I have to focus all of my efforts on looking the other direction. I’ve been like this for around three or four months so far, and it can be very frustrating!


Oh, I understand and so does every male who’s past puberty. Will things go back to the way they were in childhood? No. Will they settle down? Yes, but you have several years of a roller-coaster ride to look forward to.

Testosterone levels during adolescence are at their highest levels in a man’s life, but they are not steady. If we could graph them you would find them bouncing up and down with no particular pattern. As you approach adulthood the spikes gradually settle down and become steady at a fairly high level. They then gradually decline through the rest of your life.

The really distracting times are when you first start feeling sexual desire because you aren’t used to the feelings and so they are more noticeable. You also will experience moments when your hormones spike.

This is why the teenage years is the time for learning self-control.