Will my penis get longer and wider?



My question is about my penis and my tanner stage. The calculator says I’m in 3.9-4.0 but nothing about me seems like stage 4. I’ve grown 3 inches this year. I have no happy trail, no facial hair, or anything like that. The only thing that appears to be in stage 4 is my testicle size, which is 4.1 cm long, but my penis just grew about a quarter of an inch out of nowhere after it stopped growing for almost a year. So I’m wondering what Tanner Stage am I in. Will my penis continue to get longer and when will it get wider around?


You need to keep in mind that I can’t see you, so I only know what you tell me. You told me a few things that you don’t have, but it is not enough for me to determine your stage. The fact that you’ve grown 3 inches in the last year indicates that you were in stage 3 during the last year.

The length of your testicle is only half the number needed to determine its volume. If I assume it is 2 cm wide, then that gives you a volume of 17, which would put you near the end of stage 4, which doesn’t match your other statements. I would guess that your measurement was overly high.

The penis grows in length during stage 3, which matches your statements. The penis grows mostly in width during stage 4, which it doesn’t sound like you’ve reached yet.


Thank you.