I got a big pain in the upper right side of my stomach while masturbating

Last updated on August 19, 2020


Last night, while I was masturbating, I reached an orgasm, but in the middle of the orgasm I got a little distracted and then the orgasm lasted half of what it usually lasts. But then I got this big pain on the upper right side of my stomach and now each time I touch that part it hurts when I touch it. Could this be a serious problem? Because this pain started right after the orgasm. What’s worrying me the most is that today it didn’t get any better. The part where it hurts when I touch doesn’t look purple or like it has a bruise, but it hurts each time I touch that part. Could it be that this pain was caused by the orgasm that only lasted only half of what it usually lasts due to me getting distracted while I was right in the middle of my orgasm? Although today I masturbated again and didn’t get distracted this time so this time I didn’t get any pain. But the pain from last night’s orgasm is still there.

What should I do?  Can you answer me as soon as you possibly can?



I have a guess, but I need you to pinpoint where the pain is at. Here is front and back outline of a body:

Save it to file, use a paint program to add a dot where your pain is located, and then send me the modified picture. Let me know if the pain appears to be near the surface or deeper in.

Since you say it is upper stomach area, it would not be related to your sexual organs.