When will I reach stage 4?



I have questions about my development.

​Chronological Age: 14.3

Peak Height Velocity: 14.6

Tanner Stage: 3.4

Height: 64 inches

Sitting Height: 32 inches

Weight: 103 pounds

Father’s height is 68 inches

Mother’s height is 63 inches

My height at 12 was 4 ft 10 inches

At 13 I was about 5 ft and half an inch. Also, at 13 I was only about 85 lbs.

My pubic hair looks straight and downy but on the base of my penis there is a lot of curly long hair and it’s starting to spread to the pubic area

I measured my penis and it has grown since the last time I measured it 2 months ago. My penis is 5 inches long. My legs are long for my body size. My half-height is at the base of my penis. My dad and I have the same leg length but he has a longer torso. I have noticeable long straight dark hairs on my legs and arms. Also, I have a faint mustache. Last year it came in on corners and now it has spread inward.

With this information, can you predict my adult height?

When will I reach stage 4?


You can use the various calculators on the page Predicting Your Adult Height to get some estimates for your final height. The KGH method estimates you will reach somewhere around 5’9″ when you complete your growth.

Each stage lasts about 2 years so you will reach stage 4 next year.