Will I reach 6’1?

Last updated on August 10, 2023


I’m curious about what my final height could be and if I lost growth potential because of bad habits in my growing years, as well as if there’s a better way to predict my final height so I can stop worrying about it all the time!

At the time of typing this, I’m 179 cm (5’10.5) at a little over 17. I most likely started puberty at 13-13.5. I’m Tanner stage 4.6 the last couple of times I’ve taken it. I have grown 4 cm in the past year. When I was younger, it seems like my height at those times (between ages 8 and 11) was leading me to be ~6’1.

Here are my heights over the years but they may not be extremely accurate:

11: ~4’11
12: ~5’1
13: ~5’2.5
14: ~5’4.5
15: 5’6-5’7
16: 5’8.5
16.2: 5’8.8
16.5: ~5’9.75
17.2: 5’10.5

I believe my voice started cracking to the point where I could barely talk between 14.5 and 15.5, started having to shave weekly or a bit more starting a month ago, and had my first shady mustache at ~15.5. For the most part recently, people have been saying I look ~15 or mainly just younger than my current age but that could just be bias. I have been told both of my parents were late bloomers by a few years.

My mom is 5’4
My dad is 6’1

Is 184-187 cm possible? Can I regain lost potential? Thank you for your time!


There are several adult height estimators on the page Predicting Your Adult Height. I would run the numbers, but I am missing critical information, such as your current weight.

Your growth shows you to be among those who grow steadily for a longer period of time instead of shooting up quickly. It does look like you were in stage 3 around age 14-15. Assuming your estimate of being halfway through stage 4 is accurate, then you will be seeing your growth slowing down during this next year and stopping when you are 18. You might put on another inch (2 to 3 cm) but not enough to cause you to reach 6’1.


I’m 146 pounds, going on a lean bulk at the moment, and trying to be more active, stretch, and eat a lot more nutritiously.


The KGH method estimates that you will be 5’11.


OK. Thank you for responding. I appreciate it!