I want your opinion based on my growth pattern

Last updated on February 7, 2024



I want to ask about my growth pattern and my Tanner stage. Based on those two things, how much taller do you think I can grow?

14 – 4’9
15 – 5’0
16 – 5’3
17 – 5’4

I’ve done the Tanner stage test and gotten 3.8-4.0. My voice has deepened, and my half-height goes exactly to my penis (like in the middle of my penis). I am barely starting to grow chin hair.

Based on this, how much could I grow, and how tall could I be? I saw the height calculators on the website, but I want your opinion based on my growth pattern because sometimes I just increase height quickly but then stop.


Growth is rarely a smooth, continuous progression. Many things, such as muscles and organs, have to grow together to support a larger and taller body. The body doesn’t have enough energy to grow everything at once, so it works in one area for a while and then in another. For this reason, I encourage guys only to measure once every six months or once every year. This smooths out the starts and stops occurring in your height growth.

It looks like you are someone who grows slower for a longer period rather than a person who gets a huge spike in his growth rate. I suspect that your peak growth rate came when you were 15. Guys tend to grow 1 to 3 additional inches during stage 4, so I would expect that you will grow at least another inch before you reach stage 5.