Am I done growing at 13?


Am I done growing?

My height is 5’6″ at 13. I reached 5’6″ at the age of 12. I’ve been growing 2 inches every year until now when I suddenly stopped. I haven’t had a growth spurt yet.

I have pubic hair that is thick and extends to the upper thigh. I have a line of hair that connects my stomach to my penis, but it’s very fine. I also have very fine and not noticeable hair on my chest but the rest of my body is hairy. I was hairy my whole life, even before I reached puberty. I had lots of arm hair, leg hair, mustache hair, and a few testicle hairs. I just started to grow hair on my sideburns that is noticeable and a few long hairs, but I still haven’t gotten a full beard.

I am able to ejaculate, but when I’m aroused, my penis does not produce any wet liquid.

My mom 4’11”. My dad is 6’0″. My doctor told me my adult height will be 6’0″.

I thought I might have stunted my growth because this summer I was eating very little and working out hard for around two months. I have since started eating normal again.

My voice cracked at 12 years old and is deeper now.

One last thing. My legs and arms are longer than my torso for my height. I weigh 170, but I don’t look really fat because I work out every other day with weights.


Your description is of someone in stage 4 of development, though I can’t be real sure since I can’t see you. Reaching stage 4 at the age of 13 is on the early side of the normal range. You can use the Tanner Stage Calculator to see what estimate you come up with.

Boys reach, at the minimum, the average of their parents’ heights. The average of your parents’ heights is 5’5.5″, which you have exceeded so far by a half of an inch.

Given all of this, it sounds like your doctor missed his guess. If you are in stage 4, you will only have about an inch or less growth left. I suspect that your growth spurt came somewhere between ages 10 and 11. It probably wasn’t dramatic and since you were looking for it that soon, it was easily overlooked.