Are random thoughts about having sex one day a sin?


I have a question regarding whether this scenario constitutes an impure thought.

I was writing a paper for my French class, and I said I wanted to visit the Maldives someday. Well, then the thought came up that maybe I could go there for my honeymoon or something like that. Then I kind of thought about me having sex there, which is random, but that’s what happened. If I didn’t go into deeply imagining what it would be like, but more about how romantic it would be.

I may be being too hard on myself, but I wasn’t sure.


Thinking about your future isn’t wrong. Thinking that a certain location would be a great place for a honeymoon is also not wrong. Thinking that when you are married, you’ll be able to have sex is also not wrong because it is a scenario that is within God’s laws. If your thoughts strayed to thinking about having sex with someone you aren’t married to, then you’ve started thinking about sin. That would be a temptation. Temptations are not wrong. They are Satan’s way of trying to encourage us to sin.

Now, if you started thinking about how you could pull off getting a girl to travel with you when you are not married so that you can have sex with you, you’ve crossed into the realm of lust. You are thinking about something that is sinful and you are trying to justify doing it in your mind. That would be wrong because sin can never be truly justified.