Are there bad consequences to having sex with your girlfriend?

Last updated on October 9, 2020


What happens if you actually have sex with your girlfriend? Are there any bad consequences, since sex is a sin? Would that make us break up or have problems in the relationship?


The reason God tells us that some actions are sinful is that there is some harm that comes as a result of the sin. Sometimes the harm is obvious, such as with stealing or murder, but other harm is more subtle or takes a long time to appear.

Any time a guy has sex with a girl, there is a risk of pregnancy. I know that they tell you there are ways to reduce the risks, but no method is perfect. For example, condoms reduce the chance of pregnancy from 85% to 20% in one year. 20% is nowhere close to zero. Therefore, one question you have to ask yourself: Not only will you be breaking God’s law but are you ready to be a father? If you sire a child, you will be financially responsible for that child until he finishes college. That is a LOT of money for a few moments of pleasure.

But there are also more subtle risks to having sex when you are not married. See Marriage’s Glue. Every young person is convinced that it won’t happen to him, but they do. Exceptions are extremely rare.