Can a boy experience female puberty by taking cheap medicine?

Last updated on August 4, 2020


Can a boy experience female puberty by taking cheap medicine?


The simple answer is “no.” There is much more different between men and women than just hormones. It goes all the way down to your DNA, the genes which control how you look and your body develops. Women have two X chromosomes which govern female characteristics. Men have an X and a Y chromosome which govern male characteristics.

Mere drugs will not change the basic structures of your body. They cannot cause you to lose your genitals or develop the ability to have a baby.

I’m making a guess that your nipple areas are protruding as if you are developing female breasts. It happens to approximately half of all men during the early stages of puberty. What is happening is that your body is storing up fat to help fuel the growth spurt that is about to happen to you. Most boys become chubby just before their growth, but for half of all boys, a good bit of fat is stored on the chest, making it appear that you have breasts like a female. As you grow and use up your stored fat your chest will flatten back out. The only unfortunate thing is that it will take about a year or more for your chest to look like a man’s again. Just take comfort in the fact that half your friends have exactly the same problem.