Will my penis grow more? I’m 15 and my penis is only 3 inches long when I am erect.

Last updated on August 4, 2020


I am 15 and have a penis that is just under 3 inches when erect. I already have hair on my stomach and armpits. Will my penis grow further? I don’t even have big testicles. Do you think I should see a doctor or something?


Most men have penises which are between three and four inches when flaccid (that is, when it is not erect). Even then, the measurements are approximations because the flaccid penis changes length in response to temperature — it shortens when you are cold and lengthens when you are overly warm. It also changes size in response to arousal. Thus, the very act of trying to measure your penis can alter it size as you are handling it. When erect the typical male is between four and eight inches in length with six inches being considered average. Length is generally measured from the base to the tip of the glans along the top of the top of the penis.

The actual answer to whether your penis will grow more is to determine what stage of development you are in. See the description under “Stages of Development” for more details. Guessing from your description of yourself, you are probably in stage four. If so, then you can expect your penis to become bigger around, but only lengthen a little bit. To estimate what stage of development you are in, see the Tanner Stage Calculator for Boys.

If my guess is correct that you are in stage four, then your penis is definitely smaller than average. If you are actually in stage three then you are just slightly smaller than average. If you are overweight, this will make your penis appear shorter than it actually is because a part of the length is hidden under your fat.

Just as there is a large variation in how tall people grow, there is also variations in each man’s genitals. Interestingly, the size of a man has almost nothing to do with the size of his genitals. But when it comes to genital size, it really doesn’t matter. When you get married and begin having sex with your wife, her vagina is also able to change sizes. After all, one day a baby has to come through that vagina and the baby will be a lot bigger than your penis. In a few months her body will automatically adapt to the size of your penis when you are having sexual intercourse.

Unless you are seeing a doctor because of a weight problem, there is really nothing that a doctor can do. The size of your penis is determined by your genes, and you can’t change your genes. There are some surgeries that can make your penis appear to be longer when flaccid. It is done by cutting the cord that holds the penis up when it is erect. It doesn’t change the length of your penis when it is erect, it makes sex a bit more difficult, plus the operations are very expensive.

Many men have the mistaken notion that the bigger your penis, the more pleasure you can give and receive during intercourse. Oddly enough, most women who have never had sex before find a large penis uncomfortable at first. The reason is simple, in order to accommodate a large penis, the woman’s vagina must stretch a bit and if you have ever done stretches you know it is uncomfortable when you reach your outer limits.

The reality is that it is not the size of your genitals that will make you a good lover. It is how you treat your wife and how you use what God has given you. “Let your fountain be blessed, and rejoice with the wife of your youth” (Proverbs 5:18). Enjoy what God has given you and don’t base your happiness on what you think you should have received.