Can you tell me what stage I was at each year?



I have some questions about my growth and development. First, here is my growth chart from ages 12-17

Age 12: 4’10.3″
Age 13: 5’1.1″
Age 13.5: 5’3.8″
Age 14: 5’5.5″
Age 14.5: 5’6.9″
Age 15: 5’7.8″
Age 15.5: 5’8.4″
Age 16: 5’8.9″
Age 16.5: 5’9 .3″
Age 17: 5’9.5″

Based on this, could you predict at which Tanner stage I was at each age, how much more, and for how much longer I will grow?

Thank you.


You gave me only one aspect of development. One series can be ahead or behind the rest of your body’s changes. It appears that you were in stage 3 from age 13 to 15 (roughly). That means you have been in stage 4 from 15 to 17. It would mean you are basically done growing or very close to the end. I would think that you’ll have less than a quarter inch of growth left and more likely that you’ll have no more measurable growth.