Could I have a growth spurt in stage 4?

Last updated on June 4, 2022



I want to know if I will have a growth spurt at this rate or not. I am currently at Tanner stage 4.2 at the age of 18.

My pubic hair started when I was 14 years old. I did not grow rapidly during those years, just the normal childhood growth. I noticed the change in my voice when it started breaking and armpit hair sparsely came in around age 17. I know you would say I will grow about 1-3 inches in Tanner stage 4 but after 4.5, I would add only an inch. I know a guy who grew 2 inches and he was at 4.6.

So here’s how I grew:
Age 14 – 144 cm
Age 15 – 149 cm
Age 16 – 154 cm
Age 17 – 160 cm
Age 18 – 165 cm

My questions are:

  • Do I have a growth spurt left?
  • If yes then how much and when should I estimate for it to happen?
  • Is the estimation accurate?


I aim for the calculator to give an answer within 0.3 of a person’s actual development. There are limitations since the results are dependent on the answers given. There isn’t an independent judge of the accuracy of the answers.

Not everyone experiences a dramatic growth spurt. Your peak growth rate came when you were 16. If I assume you were in the middle of stage 2 at age 14, when your pubic hair began to appear, then that aligns well with you being at your peak at age 16. Since you have only recently reached stage 4 at the age of 18, you’ve been in stage 3 longer than the average 2 years; thus, your growth was more spread out.

You still have growth in stage 4, but it will be steadily slowing down. I highly doubt you’ll see a dramatic change.