When will I stop growing

Last updated on June 4, 2022


When will I stop growing?

I’m not sure when I started puberty, but I first ejaculated when I was 11 and had a growth spurt when I was 12. I have a faintly visible mustache, sideburns, and chin hair. The Tanner stage said I am in stage 4.8. I’m currently 13 and 9 months (male) and 5’5. My parents are 5’2 and 5’5.

This is my growth pattern:

  • 10: 4’9
  • 11: 4’10
  • 12: 5’1
  • 13.0: 5’5

Nine months later and I am still 5’5.


You would have been in the middle of stage 2 at age 11 and during age 12 you were in stage 3. Since the typical boy spends about two years in each stage, I would expect you to be currently in the latter part of stage 3 or the early part of stage 4. I’m not certain why the calculator gave you an answer so much later than I would expect. But since I don’t know what you answered and I can’t see you, I can’t narrow down the problem.

If my guess is correct, then I would expect you to grow about another inch over the next year or so. If the calculator is correct, then you are basically done growing.