Could shaving have caused the bumps on my groin?

Last updated on August 29, 2020


I have acne-like bumps in my pubic area. There are no hairs growing through them. They’re not in a specific pattern. They’re just scattered about my pubic area — about four of them. Is this the result of shaving possibly?


It is hard to shave without nicking the surface of the skin, which then gives bacteria a place to settle in and make a home. Thus, shaving does increase the odds of getting skin infections. Are these bumps red and appear to have a whitish area in the center (a head), like acne? Do they itch?

Let’s just assume for the moment that it is an infection. Get some antibiotic ointment and put a dab on each spot twice a day. You won’t need to cover them and your underwear will keep any grease spots from showing up on your pants. Shower daily, using soap on the area and rinsing it off well. You should see improvement in about two or three days. If you do, keep using the ointment until you can’t find the spots anymore. If you don’t see an improvement or it spreads, you will need to see a doctor for a more specific treatment.

If it is itchy, it might be a fungus infection instead of a bacterial infection. For that get a spray or ointment made for jock itch. Follow the label directions. Again, you should see an improvement in a few days. If you do, continue using as the instructions state. You have to keep applying the spray or ointment beyond when you no longer see it to get rid of it completely; otherwise, it will grow back.

If you think of other details or it changes in some way, let me know and I’ll try narrowing down the possibilities. If you really must shave, you need to use aftershave or soap and water afterward to keep the area clean until the surface nicks heal.