Did I masturbate before I fell asleep?


Hello again,

It’s been a while since I have written to you. I have been reading your topics on masturbation again because they really help me. I took your advice and decided to sleep in some loose boxer pants. I was hoping for a wet dream to occur but that didn’t happen. Before I even fell asleep I got an erection in my boxers and I couldn’t go to sleep. My penis felt good on my pants because of how soft they are so I decided that I would just monitor my thoughts while my body did its thing. I was tempted to use sinful thoughts, but I quickly told myself no that is disgusting. Is this basically just a form of masturbation?

I agree that masturbation is not a sin when one doesn’t indulge in porn or accepting lustful thoughts because if it was then so would wet dreams. I know that isn’t a sin because God designed the male body to have wet dreams.


Not everyone has wet dreams because they can’t sleep while their bodies are moving. Yes, I would assume that what you did was masturbate, but that isn’t wrong. You stay out of lust and that is what is essential.