Do you have to have medial thigh hair before you are fully grown?

Last updated on October 2, 2020



Thank you for providing such a useful resource for those going through a drastic time. I had a question about medial thigh hair. I am east Asian and 26. I have grown the past year in height and taking your calculator it says I am at 4.7. I have lower belly hair and perineum hair. I was wondering is it a must to have medial thigh hair to finish puberty?


It very unusual for a male to be still growing at 25 — not impossible, just very unusual.

What everyone is interested in is the growth that takes place, which occurs in the bones. This is considered the primary characteristic of development. We can’t observe the bone growth, so numerous secondary characteristics, such as body hair, are used to guess what the primary characteristic is doing. The difficulty is that the secondary characteristics are not closely tied to each other or to the primary characteristic. Each characteristic has an order of development, but they are only loosely tied between characteristics.

Thus, we note the various secondary characteristics and use them to guess what the primary characteristic is doing, but the result is only an approximation.

Medial thigh hair tends to develop late in stage 4; yet, it could not finish developing until after you reach stage 5 (when growth stops). It is also possible that you are of a lineage that doesn’t get much or any medial thigh hair. Therefore, it is not a must that a man has medial thigh hair to be considered fully grown.