Is it normal to have stretch marks on your inner thighs and buttocks?

Last updated on October 2, 2020


I have a growing concern. I understand it is normal to develop stretch marks during puberty, but I don’t know if it is natural to have stretch marks that reside within the inner thighs – considering I am a male. Furthermore, there are stretch marks between the region of my groin, which expands halfway back to under my buttocks. I am seriously alarmed. Is this normal for a 16-year-old?


Stretch marks are caused by the skin not keeping up with the growth underneath the skin. In the cases I’m aware of in males, stretch marks are typically accompanied by a secondary factor, such as being overweight or bodybuilding. You have the stretching due to excess fat or muscle growth and the stretching due to growth going on at the same time and the skin can’t keep up. Stretch marks are not limited to any one particular region of the body. See: Men And Teenage Male Stretch Marks – It’s Not Just About Women. Fortunately, stretch marks fade over time.