Does a person lose some of their pubic hair as they mature?

Last updated on September 7, 2020


When a person matures do they lose some of their pubic hair? I mean my body hair has been decreasing. Is this normal?


Everyone loses hair all the time. Instead of being like a cat or dog who shed their old fur once a year all at once, human hair follicles are designed to run independent schedules. The follicles have to have a resting state and during that state the old hair falls out. Then the follicle starts back up to grow a new strand of hair. Since each follicle is independent, you find a few hairs here and there, but you don’t really notice the lost because all the other hairs are still in place.

The length of hair is controlled by how long it is between resting states. The follicles on your head have the longest time. Your under arm, pubic hair, and chest hairs are fairly long. Your arm and leg hairs are very short.

If you are losing a lot of hair all at once, then it is generally an indication of some problem, such as poor nutrition, a disease that is interfering with your nutrition, or a hormone problem. If it is just the case that you keep finding hairs, then it is just the normal cycle of the human hairs.

As you get older, men do tend to lose hair on top of their heads but not their body hair. If anything, the complaint is that areas of the body that normally don’t grow noticeable hair, such as the ears or forehead, while strangely decide to grow a few long hairs.


Thank you very much.