Why does the top of my spine look like a big bump?

Last updated on September 7, 2020


How come the top of my spine looks like a big bump on the back of my neck? With growing, will that go away?


I assume you mean that one of your vertebrae is a bit larger than the rest. That is not unusual in people. Most people have it at the base of their neck. I knew one person who had one between his shoulder blades, but it caused him no problems. It was just the way his body grew.

These are not a problem unless you are also experiencing back pain. A vertebra sticking out, in that case, could indicate that your spine has shifted out of place. Typically in those cases, stretches that are aimed at loosening back muscles will all the vertebrae to slip back into proper position. Sometimes you might have to see a chiropractor or therapist to help you get your spine back into proper position. A good chiropractor or therapist will teach you stretches and strengthening exercises to help you avoid repeat injuries.