Does having hair on your toes mean you are in Tanner Stage 5?

Last updated on October 15, 2022



Does having hair growing on your big toe mean Tanner 5? I am 15 and am not sure about the calculator as I don’t seem to follow the same pattern that you have mentioned in your sections about the Tanner stages. I was wondering if it means I am done growing and the start of Tanner 5. I am white also if that helps 

Thank you.


You have to remember that I can’t see you so the only information I have to work with is what you tell me.

I wasn’t able to locate any information about when hair typically develops on the feet. I would assume that it does so around the same time as arm and leg hair, which generally starts in stage 3.

I can’t tell you if you have reached stage 5 because you haven’t told me enough for me to make a determination.