Does your body have a specific season or time to grow?



I have a lot of questions. Some of them might be weird or confusing.

Does your body have a specific season or time to grow? It seems as if you don’t get taller during the school year. It would be weird to walk into class an inch taller. Can you actually get taller during the school year?

Let’s say you didn’t get enough sleep. Would your puberty not happen at all since puberty is triggered at night?

I would really appreciate it if you answered my questions.



Your body grows in spurts, but it is not tied to any season or time. Though you are growing, you don’t notice because the growth is slow enough that you don’t notice any dramatic changes. When you are out of school, you aren’t able to compare yourself to others, such as your friends and your teachers. When you return, you suddenly realize that you are a lot taller than you remembered being. It wasn’t the summer break that caused it.

Growth and puberty are affected by your health. If you are not getting enough sleep, that will negatively affect your health and slow down your development.

I am trying to figure out why you assume puberty only happens at night. Now, it is true that many boys first ejaculate during a wet dream. Wet dreams, by definition, happen when you are sleeping and most guys sleep at night. However, by the time you are able to ejaculate semen, you have been changing for a year or more. Puberty happened long before you ejaculate semen for the first time. And puberty doesn’t happen at a certain time of day.