Every day I watch bad things that lead me to pornography



I have a question. I’m a 14-year-old boy who needs help. I have a problem. Every day I watch bad things that lead me to pornography. When I watch those things, I don’t realize it’s bad for me. I think I’m a monster when I sin. Will God ever forgive me?

I hope you received my question.


All sins are forgivable, if a person is willing to change their behavior and their attitude about the sin.

My guess is that each day your sexual arousal rises. Because of it, you start poking around things that are borderline bad on the Internet. One thing leads to another and before you know it, you are watching pornography and pulling out your penis. You’ve done this so often now that it has become a habit.

Each time, you tell yourself that you won’t look at actual pornography, but you get swept into it. A part of the problem is that you put your limits in the wrong place. By the time you are looking at pornography you are already so aroused that you don’t think straight. You need to put the limit much sooner and not allow yourself to look at the semi-bad things on the Internet.

A second problem probably is due to trying to put off ejaculating because you don’t want to look at pornography. Eventually, the urge gets so strong that you have trouble resisting. Instead, I would like you to do the opposite. When you feel the urge getting strong, put away all your electronics, find someplace private, and purposely masturbate. It won’t be as exciting or as strong of a feeling but once you ejaculate you will be able to think clearer and will be able to more easily resist the temptation to look at pornography.