How do I stop getting strong erections when I’m working out?

Last updated on October 11, 2020


I experience very strong erections, and even release pre-cum, during my workouts. I don’t think I’m psychologically sexually aroused during these workouts. Basically, whenever my chest or back muscles are contracted strongly, I experience these embarrassing situations. I feel really hopeless and depressed about it. Would there be a way out for me?

Thank you so much for reading my question!


We need to look at how erections happen. There are muscles in your groin that clamp down on the veins coming from your penis. With the veins squeezed shut, blood enters the penis but cannot exit. This causes the penis to inflate. At the same time, when your heart rate goes up, that increases your blood pressure, which makes your inflated penis harder.

When you work out, you are tensing more muscles than just the ones you are using — including the ones in your groin. The workout is also causing your blood pressure to rise and the combination is causing you to have an erection. A side-effect of the erection is that your penis gets more sensitive to touch and that is causing your Cowper’s glands to start producing pre-ejaculate fluid (pre-cum).

One aspect to solve this is to focus on relaxing and only using the muscles required for the exercise. Mastering this will actually help improve your workouts.

Another thing to do is to wear compression shorts under your workout clothes. This won’t stop you from having erections, but it will make them less noticeable.