How do you know if your muscles are developing?

Last updated on October 11, 2020


How do you know if your muscles are developing? I want to exercise (other than sports), but I don’t know if they’re developing or not.


There are two ways to measure increased muscles:

First, you should be seeing an increase in the ability of what you are able to do. Thus, can you lift more weight or do more repetitions? This is the primary measure of developing muscles.

Second, after you reach stage 4 and continuing on into adulthood when a man’s muscles develop, they also get larger in size. Prior to stage 4, you get stronger, but you don’t see the changes. Also, there are some men who are never able to get bigger muscles, no matter how much they work out. These men tend to be skinny. On the other end of the scale, guys who are overweight will develop muscle, but you won’t see them under the layers of fat.