How do I take care of my pubic hair?

Last updated on August 31, 2020


I have a whole bunch of pubic hair. What should I do with that?


The vast majority of guys do nothing with their pubic hair beyond keeping it washed. In that matter, treat it much the same as the hair on top of your head. When washing, which should come daily, make sure the soap is scrubbed into the skin and well rinsed off.

After washing, make sure the area is well dried before dressing. This is important in the groin area since it stays covered most of the time and doesn’t get a chance to dry out. Moist warm areas can be a breeding ground for fungus.

The pubic hair serves as padding to keep clothing from pressing completely against the groin. The added air space keeps the genitals a bit warmer and promotes a little more air flow.

A few guys trim their pubic hair, but there really is no need for it. Trimming the hair can cause the ends to stick in clothing, which can be uncomfortable or cause an itchy feeling.