How do you get rid of smells in the pubic region?

Last updated on October 6, 2020


I have noticed that my pubic area stinks all the time. After I clean it or take a shower, the smell will eventually come right back. Is there a way to get rid of it?


The smell is due to the fact that you are producing more oil, sweat, and skin cells because you are growing. All of this is being trapped by your underwear causing a warm place for bacteria to grow. The bacteria is not harmful, but you notice the smell that they give off while feeding. When you wash with soap, it drastically reduces the bacteria population, but eventually, they come back. But there are some simple things you can do to slow down the growth.

  • Don’t put the same underwear on after you bathe. Always put on a clean pair. Otherwise, you wash off all the bacteria only to put them right back.
  • Make sure you are good and dry before putting your underwear on. Bacteria love moisture, so give it as little starting moisture as you can by staying naked for a while. One idea is to just take a bathrobe in when you bathe and then wait until later to dress. When you get older and need to shave, you can shave before getting dressed.
  • You might want to consider switching to boxers, which are looser. This allows more airflow and keeps the area drier.
  • Don’t wear underwear at night when you sleep. Instead, get some loose pajamas or perhaps a different set of boxers just for night time use. Changing interrupts the growth of the bacteria and gives your groin a chance to dry out.
  • If it gets really bad, you can use a little body powder between your legs to help dry the skin there.