How much growth do I have left?

Last updated on June 4, 2022


Good morning,

I hope this is not too repetitive of a question for you, however, I would like to know (like many others) how much growth I can expect. I am currently 16 years old and at Tanner Stage 4.1 according to the test.

I got my first pubic hairs just after age 12, and until I was 14.5 years old had no other major signs of puberty (still missing a tooth, child-like proportions, and voice). Then in that summer, my voice broke, I got acne on my face and grew taller. I have been growing steadily since, and my arms still seem very long for my body. My father is 187 cm and my mother is 157 cm, and when my father was my age he was 180 cm. My sitting height is 83 cm and my shoe size is 10 – 10.5.

My height chart:
Age 12 – 156cm
Age 13 – 161cm
Age 14 – 168cm
Age 15 – 173cm
Age 16 – 177cm

The height calculators on the website predicted my height at around 182-183cm, would this be realistic in your opinion?

Thanks for your time, and I hope to hear from you soon!.


Yes, the predicted height is reasonable. You just started stage 4 and most guys add an additional 3 to 8 cm in height.

You were in the middle of stage 2 at the age of twelve. You were in the middle of stage 3 at the age of 14.


Hello Jeffrey,

Thank you very much for the response, I appreciate it greatly!