How much more will I grow?

Last updated on December 11, 2022


I’m almost 19 years old. The Tanner Stage Calculator says that I’m still at stage 4.2. I’ve always remembered growing quite steadily and consistently. I’m pretty sure I’ve grown an inch or so this year too. My mother is 160 cm and my father is 185 cm while I am 174 cm and I have a brother who is around 180 cm. Can I expect to reach 180cm or more by the time I’m done with puberty altogether?


Males grow 1 to 3 inches during stage 4. Since you have grown about an inch in the last year, that tells me that you’ve been in stage 4 for at least a year, so I am assuming the calculator should have given you an answer around 4.5. As you get closer to stage 5, the amount of growing you do continues to slow down until it stops altogether. I would expect that by the time you are done growing, you put on about another half-inch (around 2 cm).