Am I sinning being naked at home because of my eczema?


Good morning,

I am a guy suffering from eczema on my legs from above the knees, through my buttocks, to just above my waist. At the end of the day when I get home. I take a short lukewarm shower and then I stay naked to let my skin breathe and to relieve the discomfort from the underwear elastic and the belt of my pants around my waist. 

Being naked helps a lot, but is my being naked for this reason a sin?


Eczema is dry, itchy skin that shows up in form of rashes, scaly patches, or blisters. It is believed to be an overzealous immune system response. It often flares up when a person is exposed to allergens. Abrasions on the skin just make the condition worse.

The best thing to do is figure out what you are allergic to and avoid them as best you can. It is possible for someone to be allergic to chemicals in laundry soap or the latex that is commonly used in elastic underwear bands. Frequent bathing helps to remove allergens from your skin. Moisturizing lotions both help with dry itchy skin and create a barrier to allergens. There is no cure for eczema, so you have to learn what works best for you.

So long as your nakedness is in the privacy of your own home where others can’t see you, then you aren’t doing anything wrong.