I don’t think my gynecomastia is going to go away

Last updated on September 10, 2020


I have had gynecomastia for about five years now, and I know that it isn’t going to go away, but will it at least shrink a bit? I can’t stand for them to stick out the way they do. I have noticed that my actual nipple doesn’t stick out. Aren’t they supposed to? The areola is just puffy. I don’t know if it helps, but I did the stage thing and I got a 4.8. I’m 16.


Not every guy’s nipples stick out. For some, they only stick out when sexually aroused and for others, they don’t stick out at all.

Breast due to fat

What I suspect is that you may be slightly overweight. Losing body fat would make your chest area to decrease. If you are thin and still have bulging nipples, you can always talk to a plastic surgeon about removing the layer of fat under the nipple. However, this would be purely for cosmetic reasons — something that I don’t recommend.