I ejaculated last night, but what came out was kind of clear with some white things floating in the liquid

Last updated on August 24, 2020



I have a couple of questions about puberty. I masturbated last night and I ejaculated but I don’t think it’s semen. It was kind of clear but with some white things floating in the liquid. It feels slick so I am wondering what is this liquid.

Also, I don’t know if my penis is growing and my scrotum. My pubic hair is getting thick and curly and is starting to cover most of my pubic area and my underarm hair is growing and now I can see that my underarm hair is black not just tiny thin hairs. So I’m wondering is my penis growing.

Also, my scrotum sometimes hangs down and you can see two testicles, but it is still really close to my body. It mostly hangs down after a warm shower or gym. Most of the time it just goes all wrinkly and turns into one big ball.

Thank you for reading this long email.


From your description of yourself, it sounds like you are in the latter part of stage 3. It also sounds as if your body is just on the starting edge of producing semen. The clear liquid is from your Cowper’s glands. It is called pre-ejaculate or sometimes pre-cum in slang. Its purpose is to flush out the urethra in your penis prior to ejaculation. Normally it dribbles out as it overflows the urethra. The muscle contractions of ejaculating will force this clear, slick liquid out in greater quantity. I suspect the white that you saw is a small amount of actual semen that got mixed in with the pre-ejaculate. Very soon you’ll be seeing larger amounts of semen in what you ejaculate.

Given all of this, your penis has been growing. You probably haven’t noticed because it is gradual and you see it all the time. Probably if you had a younger brother and happen to see his penis you would realize how much larger yours has gotten over the last few years. Compare the drawing for stage 1 and you’ll see the difference.

Your description of your scrotum is definitely one that has been growing.