I had a bit of a tear between my penis and where the foreskin meets it and yellow fluid seeps out of it

Last updated on August 14, 2020


I am fourteen years old and uncircumcised. A while back I had a bit of a tear between my penis and where the foreskin meets it. There is one “large” (just under 1cm) tear and little holes elsewhere on this “ridgeline” if I apply pressure to these areas a yellow fluid seeps up and out. If I don’t wipe the stuff up it either drys into “crusties” that can be removed or it spreads out all over the head of my penis and I can wipe it off. I don’t have pain it’s just awkward and really disgusting. Do I have an infection? What should I do?


Yes, you are describing an infected wound. Signs of an infection are:

  • Pus or cloudy fluid is draining from the wound.
  • A pimple or yellow crust has formed on the wound.
  • The scab has increased in size.
  • Increasing redness occurs around the wound.
  • A red streak is spreading from the wound toward the heart.
  • The wound has become extremely tender.
  • Pain or swelling has increased 48 hours after the wound occurred.
  • The lymph node draining that area of skin may become large and tender.
  • A fever occurs.
  • The wound hasn’t healed within 10 days after the injury.
[copied from a hospital’s website.]

You don’t have to have all of these symptoms. Any one sign is an indication that you have an infection. You need to see a doctor soon. I know it is awkward given the location of the wound, but it is very important that you get the infection treated as quickly as you can.