Despite showering daily, my penis has a strong odor

Last updated on August 16, 2020



My penis has had a strong smell coming from it. I take showers daily and I clean my penis, but the smell returns after a few hours. What’s wrong with me?


The problem is that you have given me almost nothing to use to narrow down the possibilities. All I can list are some common causes.

  • When you wash, it is important to get all the various folds of skin. Even if you are circumcised, the skin of your genitals contains many folds. You need to stretch the penis out a bit to clean between the folds. Make sure you also get under the penis and behind the scrotum.
  • If you are uncircumcised, it is important to unsheathe your penis when you wash and wash under the foreskin, even though it is sensitive. Just make sure you rinse it very well so no soap remains after you wash.
  • After washing it is important to put on clean clothing; otherwise, you are putting the same bacteria back on your skin that you just washed off.
  • If your urine smells strong, then it is possible you are smelling the drops of urine that often get on your underwear after using the toilet. You should have the doctor check to make sure you don’t have a bladder infection causing the smell. Eliminating that, then you may not be drinking enough liquids and your urine is too concentrated. Also, many foods that you eat will scent urine, such as asparagus or garlic.
  • If you have any signs of infection: redness, soreness, drainage, or swelling, then these may be the source of the smell. Taking care of the infection will make the smell go away.