I have a bump on my penis that doesn’t go away



I’ve had this “bump” on my shaft for a while (even before I’ve shaved or trimmed) and it won’t go away. I’m a virgin, so I know it’s not an STD and I’ve popped it before but it came back. Any idea of what it could be?

Also, these bumps on my glans, are they pearly penile papules?


The bumps on your penile shaft are Fordyce spots. They are your skin’s oil glands and are perfectly normal. They are easier to see because the skin on your penis is thin. It looks like you tried to pop one of them. The redness and swelling are due to an infection. Try applying an antibiotic ointment twice a day on the red areas. If the swelling starts to go down and the redness fades in the first three days, continue using it for a week to ten days. You want to continue using it for a day or two after the redness is gone to make sure the infection is gone. If you don’t see a change, then you need to see your doctor, who can give you a stronger antibiotic.

Infections like this are the reason it is not advisable to shave your genital area. Shaving can nick your skin and allow a pathway for an infection to get into your skin.

The bumps on the corona of your glans are pearly penile papules. Again, these are common and cause no problems.