Will I be tall like my dad?

Last updated on November 23, 2021



I am 14 years old. Over the past year or so I’ve grown at least 6 inches. In early 2020 I was 5’1 and I grew to 5’7 by mid-2021. The growth only really started during November of 2020. The Tanner stage test said I was 3.8.
My father is 6’2 (his side of the family is generally really tall) and my mother is 5’3. I’m wondering if I’ll ever be as tall he and my brother (who is 6’0)? If not have I stopped growing? I even did the calculator that uses half of your height and it said I’ll be 185 cm. I just have a lot of self-doubts right now and it’s been bothering me. 


Confidence should be based on who you are (your character) and not how you appear. There are plenty of unsure tall people and confident short people. Don’t make something you can’t control be the source of your happiness and confidence.

You are definitely in stage 3 and you are growing quickly. Growth is not constantly steady. The body has to take pauses to let the internal organs catch up to the external growth. Stage 3 lasts about two years, so you have about 6 more months to a year of faster growth. Perhaps not as fast as 6 inches in 6 months, but definitely more than 2 inches each year. Then, when you get to stage 4 you will grow an additional 1 to 3 inches before everything slows down to a halt, which will take another two years. You don’t stop growing in height until you reach stage 5.

I don’t see anything that says you can’t reach 6’0 to 6’1 by the time your growth stops.


I’ll work on myself in the coming months. I’ve been at a really low point mentally for the past month or so and your words helped. Thank you for the advice and information.

Also, is it alright if I send you an update on how I’m doing some months from now?

I wish you all the best.


Absolutely! You are always welcome to write.