I have a red rash on my penis that looks like dried pimples

Last updated on September 15, 2020



I recently noticed that my penis has a red rash, which look like pimples but are dry. I’m still a virgin, never having sex. I have been masturbating a lot recently. What could be the cause? Is it something I have to worry about? Please help me.

Thanks in advance.


Since I can’t see what you see, the difficulty is that some critical descriptive factor can be overlooked. However, the two most likely causes is either a fungus infection or psoriasis.

Let’s assume it is a fungus infection for the moment. Go get an anti-fungal cream or spray and follow the directions carefully and completely. In the United States, such medication is commonly said to treat “jock itch.” If you see improvement in three days, then you know you found the right problem. Finish the treatment, even after you no longer see the rash to make sure it is completely out of your skin.

If this doesn’t work, then we’ll make sure it isn’t some type of bacteria. Get an antibiotic ointment and begin using it twice a day. Again, you should see improvement in three days. If so continue using it for several days past when the last rash is gone.

If it is psoriasis, this usually takes a prescription medication to treat. By the way, if it is psoriasis, rubbing, such as in masturbation, can make it worse or trigger an outbreak. But before discussing what you can do, the first thing is to see a doctor and have him diagnose and treat the problem. Once we know the cause, we can talk about the prevention of further outbreaks.


Yes, the anti-fungal treatment worked like a charm. It’s all gone now. Thank you so much for your help. One more thing if it’s not too much to ask since you helped me out a lot, why did it happen and how can I avoid it from happening again? I keep my penis clean as much as I can, so what caused it?


Excellent news! Make sure you follow the directions. Most anti-fungal medication requires use for about a week because while the symptoms are gone, the cause still lurks for a while beneath the surface of the skin. You don’t want a new outbreak.

There are fungal spores all around us in the air. A fungus is a type of plant and it likes warm, moist places to grow. The problem is that your skin, especially in the area of your groin and your feet, is just such an environment. The rash and the itching is your skin’s protest over the microscopic roots the fungus is sending down into the skin.

Bathing helps keep the spores down, but the real need it to interrupt the growing cycle of the fungus by keeping the skin dry most of the day. When you live in a warm, humid area this can be challenging.

After bathing, make sure you dry off as thoroughly as you can. If at all possible, delay getting dressed for a bit so your skin can continue to dry. So take care of your toiletry, such as shaving, before getting dressed again.

When you do dress, put on clean underwear. Putting the same underwear on that you wore before bathing only reintroduces the bacteria and fungi that were there before you bathed.

Don’t wear the same set of clothing that you wore during the day at night when you are sleeping. Use a separate set of night clothing. If you have a tendency to sweat at night, as most guys do, wear as little as possible and make sure the clothing is lightweight and loose. Don’t wear underwear under your night clothing. If this continues to be a problem, consider wearing nothing at night so your skin can dry.

If your work makes you hot and sweaty during the day, consider getting a body powder to apply to your groin. There are some that contain medicinal chemicals that inhibit fungal growth.


Thanks for the suggestions. I will keep using the medication for another week. I follow most of the stuff you have suggested. I wear as little as possible at night, dry myself off, never reuse underwear or clothing for that matter. The only thing I have to make sure is to try and keep my groin dry during the day. I’ll try my best to do so. I’ll keep in touch with you. You’ve been a great help

Also, I have an amazing girlfriend and we are actually engaged, but she lives in a different city far away from mine and I get to meet her only 4 or 5 times a year. I’m completing my education and can’t marry her until I start earning wages. With that said, we hardly find time for ourselves as her family is always around and there is no privacy. The same goes for when she visits me. That’s why I’m still a virgin and so is she. It’s pretty difficult to be a virgin at age 22 and engaged. So I constantly have an urge to masturbate all the time, resulting in a wet penis. Even when I’m not masturbating my penis still gets wet because of “feelings.” How can I constantly have a check on it and keep it dry?


Even when you do everything you can, you still might have outbreaks. But by staying dry for at least part of the day, you will keep the number of outbreaks to a minimum.

Congratulations on your engagement, and congratulations that you both have family who cares about you and your future wife. If their monitoring is the reason why you have not committed fornication, then they are doing a good job. See:

Your wet penis is not due to you being a virgin. It is a result of being sexually aroused. The liquid is pre-ejaculate fluid from the Cowper’s glands. It flows because your body thinks you are getting ready to have sex and it is getting prepared. Pre-ejaculate fluid flushes out any leftover urine in your penis and since it is very slick, it lubricates the urethra so that when you do ejaculate it shoots out instead of dribbles out.

Fortunately, pre-ejaculate fluid dries fairly quickly, but if you find yourself damp, simply change your underwear as soon as you can. And try to keep your mind off sex as much as you can.



I’ll try to keep my mind off of it. By the way, my girlfriend and I both decided that we won’t have sex before marriage because we want it to be perfect and it is not a problem for us now. I think that is how it is and should be. I just have to complete my education and start earning so that I can marry my princess.

Thanks again for the advice sir.