I have a spot on my penis that I’m worried about

Last updated on February 18, 2023



I am 25 years old. I recently noticed that I have a red small pimple on my penis. I go to the gym every day and sometimes do not take a shower after the workout if I am going directly home. I have had oral sex but never inserted the penis into a vagina. Is there anything I should be worrying about? Is this normal or I am ruined? I am so worried.

Thank you.


Oral sex does not prevent the spread of infections. I would like you to go to a doctor. If you can see a doctor who specializes in sexually transmitted diseases, that would be even better. Another good specialist would be a dermatologist. If I had to guess, I would say that you probably have a genital wart (HPV). This disease can be passed from one person to another. It is connected with cancer when people get older.

If it is a genital wart, treatment is straightforward, but you need to have a doctor treat it. Don’t use over-the-counter products since they are not formulated for use on the genitals.


Good evening sir, 

In reply to this condition, the pimple reduced in size but then spread a little on the penis head. Can you please check again what might cause this? 

Thank you very much, sir.


You didn’t mention if there are any other symptoms, such as itching. Since the area is clearly spreading, it appears you have an infection of some sort. Most likely a fungal infection. Since you were involved in oral sex, I still strongly recommend that you see a doctor about this as many sexually transmitted diseases cause problems later in life.