Is it unusual not to have ejaculated for about three years?


When I was 10 years old I ejaculated semen. I’m about to be 13 and I haven’t had an ejaculation since that first time. Is that normal?

I got a tanner stage 3.9 on the Tanner calculator.


If you were ejaculating at the age of ten, then you started puberty at the age of 9, which is on the earliest side of normal for boys. Thus, you would be considered an early bloomer.

Typically, once the sexual organs start producing semen, they don’t stop until you get really old — and for many men, they don’t stop until death. Thus, assuming you didn’t confuse something else for semen, the most common answers are:

  • You are having wet dreams and haven’t paid attention to the semen stains in your pajama shorts.
  • You are releasing small amounts of semen in your sleep, which then gets flushed out the next time you pee and this is keeping up with your current rate of semen production.
  • You’ve been put on a medication that is lowering your libido, so you are not producing very much semen.