I have small red bumps near the bottom of my penis that are oozing

Last updated on September 17, 2020


I’ve noticed that I have small red bumps or dots near the bottom of my penis and on the upper part of my genitals. I’m hoping I don’t have syphilis even though I have never had sex before. I also have a fluid-like substance near the area too. Can someone tell me if it is a pimple or something worse?


You can’t catch something you’ve never been exposed to. You can get acne just about anywhere on your body and that includes your genitals. The problem with red bumps is that there are a large number of causes that each have similar symptoms. Since I can’t see what you see, I can’t say for certain what you have.

For example, if you tried shaving your pubic hair recently, it is highly likely that you got a skin infection of some sort because shaving nicks the skin. You can try putting an antibiotic ointment on the rash twice a day and see if there is an improvement in three days. If there is, continue using the ointment until a few days past when you no longer see any signs of the infection.

Since you mention oozing and didn’t mention itching, I think we can rule out a fungal infection.

If the antibiotic ointment doesn’t help, then you need to make an appointment with either your regular doctor or a dermatologist (a doctor who specializes in skin problems). Because the doctor can see the rash, he’ll be able to identify it and give you the correct treatment for it.


Thanks for the help! I’ll try doing what you said to see if it works and the bumps disappear.