I have some questions about my development



I’m 14. I’m 5’5 and my tanner stage is 3.6. My pubic hair is curly terminal hairs on the base of my penis and a little above my penis but the rest of the hairs are sparse, thin, straight hairs.

My questions are:

  • Can you tell me how much my penis will grow? It is currently 5 inches erect when I make it straight. I can’t hold a straight erection. It curves or bends down a little. I was hoping for 8 inches by the time I’m done growing.
  • Also, why is my tip so small?
  • Why am I lately maturing? I have a friend that is 12 years old. We compared our pubic hair and it is the same but I’m much taller than him. He is about 5’1. Does this mean he will have a shorter adult height than me?


Your penis will grow to the length determined by your genetics. I doubt you’ll reach 8 inches in length. That is fairly rare. The average is 5.25 inches long. I can tell you how long your penis will end up because we don’t have a way to read your DNA and find out. Like shoe sizes, your length is not related to anything else on your body.

The glans of your penis (the tip) develops the most when you are in stage 4. That won’t happen for another year or so.

You are not that late in maturing. You started stage 3 about a year ago, so you are right near the average age for maturing. Your friend, however, is developing far earlier than usual.

It is true that earlier developers tend to be shorter than later developers because they start growing from a shorter height.