My penis is longer than the normal length

Last updated on October 5, 2023


Hi sir,

I have a question for you. I am nearly 15. I am at Tanner Stage 4.2. My penile length when erect is 9.4 inches. The normal adult range is 3 to 8 inches. What am I supposed to think about this?


When stating that the normal range for an erect adult male penis is from 3 to 8 inches, this means that roughly 99% of all men fall in that range. Thus, your size is a rarity in which only a fraction of a percent of adult males have that length.

Your length does come with its problems. As you already know, erections are hard to contain for most men, but having the extra length makes it even more difficult.

You will also have difficulties during sex. It can be more difficult to maintain an erection with a large penis, though not impossible. If you and your wife want to delay having children, you will have problems finding condoms to fit your penis properly. When you do have sex with your wife, it will be more awkward than usual because you will not be able to fully insert your penis during intercourse. There are ways around these problems, but you should be aware of them.