I keep catching myself touching myself without thinking about it

Last updated on March 7, 2024



I am 13. I used to masturbate, but I confessed the sin and haven’t masturbated since. However, I often find myself touching my pubes because it feels good — mostly because it is the warmest area in the body. No, I’m not trying to use this as an excuse. I’m just telling you why. Anyway, I find myself doing this often. I will do it without knowing, or I do it too often to the point that I know I’m doing it, but I just ignore it and watch my phone with one hand and touch myself with the other. I am not trying to masturbate, nor do I feel sexual desire. I do it, and when I realize what I am doing with my hand, I immediately pull my hand or hands out of my pockets and pray to Jesus, telling him that I’m sorry and didn’t mean to masturbate. I’m sorry for this. Is this a sin?


Because masturbation is pleasurable, and a lot of guys masturbate while looking at pornography or thinking improper thoughts, people tend to assume masturbation itself is sinful. See, Is masturbation considered a sin? I hope after you read that answer, you will realize that God doesn’t call masturbation but itself sinful. Looking at pornography or having lustful thoughts about someone is a sin, even if you are not touching yourself.

But there is another problem that we need to discuss. It isn’t proper to call attention to your sexual organs. However, when you put your hands down your pants, you call attention to that area. Even if you place your hands in your pockets, as soon as you start moving your hand, you are calling attention to your groin. This becomes a bad habit because you will likely do this without thinking when others are around. Thus, it is best to break the habit for modesty’s sake.


Thank you for the response but one question: is it or not a sin? I’m somewhat confused, and yeah, it can happen without me knowing; it just does. 


Touching your genitals is not a sin if it is done privately. However, it can be immodest if you do it where others can see you. Immodesty is wrong because it can lead others to have improper thoughts.

Given your age, I’m assuming that you haven’t had an ejaculation yet. The impulse to touch yourself is an indication that your seminal vesicles are getting full and that ejaculation is likely to happen in the near future — most likely as a wet dream. Since ejaculations are triggered by touch, you may accidentally trigger an ejaculation when you are touching yourself. That will be particularly embarrassing if that happens when other people are around since it will leave a wet stain on your pants. This becomes another reason to avoid touching yourself when others are around.


Thank you. I was very worried that I may have committed a mortal sin. This gives me great comfort. Thank you. 😊