I think my puberty is severely delayed

Last updated on September 22, 2020


I am wondering how long should it take for a male to develop. I think that I am delayed. I calculated that I am at 2.5 and I am 21. At what age do you think that my body will be developed and do you think that I have a severely delayed puberty? Is there anything that can be done? Could this be due to a undescended testicle that I had to have an operation when I was 4 to get the testicle back into the scrotum?

Please help me.


To be in stage 2 at the age of 21 would be very unusual.  Either you are misunderstanding the questions in the calculator or if you need to see a doctor about why your development is delayed. The causes of severely delayed puberty are many and some are very needful to have a doctor look at it.

Since I can’t see you in order to verify whether you answered the questions accurately, I would suggest seeing your doctor.