I want to cut back how often I masturbate

Last updated on September 5, 2020



I really want to stop masturbating. I kind of just started doing it every two days. I am just always horny. But usually, I do it every two weeks, and I want to cut down. So please help me.

Thank you.


The problem is that during your teenage years, the need for ejaculating varies as your hormones vary. It will eventually settle down in your twenties. You can try increasing the times between ejaculating, but just understand there will be times when you won’t be able to last that long.

What I suggest doing is adding an extra day between masturbating, doing that for about a month so you get used to the feeling.  After a month, try going four days followed by three days. Then in the next month try once every four days. Keep gradually increasing the time until you reach the point you feel like you’re going crazy if you don’t ejaculate and realize for now that is your limit. If you get the time between masturbating out far enough you might find yourself having wet dreams in between, but there is no guarantee about that. Not everyone is able to have wet dreams consistently.

If you are able to have wet dreams then eventually the spacing will be far enough that they will take over your ejaculation needs and you won’t need to masturbate.

You need to be aware that as you work on stretching your limits and teaching yourself self-control that you are also going to be more sensitive to sexual temptations. You will have to be especially alert. If you have had problems with pornography, you will find the urge to look at it will be suddenly overpowering at times. If that happens, instead of giving in, go take a shower and masturbate there. That will relieve the immediate need and right after you won’t have the desire to look at pornography for a while. The reason I recommend the shower as the place to relieve yourself is that you can’t bring pornography with you there.