I get erections constantly and I need to masturbate almost every day

Last updated on September 5, 2020


Help! I’m 12. I can’t stop masturbating. I get erections constantly, even right after I masturbated. I think I produce sperm because when I ejaculate a milky white liquid comes out. When I said I get erections constantly I mean that throughout the day when I see girls that I like at my school I get an erection and then I have to masturbate when I get home. I really try not to masturbate; I think it’s a bad sin. The longest I’ve gone is two days. But why would it feel so good if we’re not supposed to do it?


It actually is a combination of things. About half of all boys gain the ability to ejaculate in stage 4 (after their growth spurt). The other half (the group you are in) gain it before their growth spurt. (Yes, you are ejaculating semen). The difficulty is that before your growth spurt, your body is just learning how to deal with erections, so you are getting a double whammy. Most of it is due to your body experiencing sudden surges in hormones. It is trying to get a handle on just how much you need so it over and undershoots for a while.

The good news is that this phase won’t last long — about a year or two — and then things will gradually calm down.

Meanwhile, there is nothing in the Bible that says masturbating, by itself, is wrong. See I’m still confused about masturbation. Is it right or wrong? It can be used to sin, just like anything else in this world. So pornography and lustful thoughts are sinful and to use these to masturbate with would be wrong. But if you just need to get semen out to control your sexual desire, then no that is not wrong.

Now that doesn’t mean you go to the other extreme of masturbating all the time either. Yes, it is pleasurable, but chasing after pleasure solely for the fun is not good for you either. It leaves you too open for temptation. Just because you have an erection, it doesn’t mean you have to ejaculate. So hold off as long as you can. If that means once a day for a while, then that is what is needed for the moment. Eventually, the time in between will increase.