I’m 12 and my penis hasn’t grown

Last updated on August 4, 2020


My penis hasn’t grown and I’m twelve. When will it? It’s about 2 and a half inches. Will it ever grow?


Growth doesn’t happen all at once. One thing has to develop and be in place before the next thing can develop in its turn. Most of these changes are internal where you can’t see them. But just because you can’t see them, it doesn’t mean they aren’t important. See the timing chart for a typical order and length of progression.

Will your penis ever grow? Of course it will. It has already been growing. Two and a half inches is far bigger than what you had when you were a baby.

When will it grow? Your penis will gain most of its length during the time your body is shooting upwards during your growth spurt. As your growth spurt slows down, your penis will widen to its adult size. When these events happen is varies greatly between individuals. The average age for a boy to have a growth spurt is thirteen, but it can happen as early as eleven or as late as eighteen and still be considered within the normal range.

Take a look at the description of the stages of development and determine in which stage you are. Then look at the description of genital growth and decide where you are and where you are going. To estimate what stage of development you are in, see the Tanner Stage Calculator for Boys.

The main thing is to be patient. God knows what He is doing. It is exciting to be moving into adulthood, but the physical process will take about ten years to accomplish. Instead of pushing to reach the end of the journey, enjoy the ride along the way.