I’m almost 15 and haven’t had a growth spurt yet

Last updated on September 11, 2020



I’m almost 15. So far I haven’t really experienced a fast “growth spurt”, or anything like that. I know that I’ve grown a few inches over the last couple of years, but they weren’t “big” enough to really know if they were growth spurts. Also, I’ve had pubic hair since I started grade 7, so like twelvish, but no armpit hair, facial hair, etc. I barely have hair on my arms, but my mom and dad aren’t really hairy, same with my brothers. I scored a 2.6 on the Tanner Stage Calculator and I’m kind of scared because I think that’s a bit late. I’m 5’4 and shorter than all of my friends, most of them are like 5’7+. I was wondering when I’ll start growing, and when my body will start developing. I’m really curious because ever since I was 12, all I’ve really had was pubic hair. Nothing else.



Each stage typically lasts about two years. The average is age for a growth spurt is 13, so you aren’t far off yet.

A growth spurt is defined as growing two to four times faster than you had been growing since childhood. Usually that translates to something more than 2 inches in a year’s time.

While things are delayed a bit, I wouldn’t panic. I get notes from plenty of boys who haven’t even started by your age.


OK. Thanks for answering that.

I have a few more questions if you don’t mind answering them.

To be honest, when do you think I’ll be able to start growing armpit hair and start growing? And also, my testicles are usually little and wrinkly and my penis is small when it’s not erected. I remember when I was around 12 or 13, I used to get so many pimples on my face, now it kind of stopped and it’s only once in a while. I weigh 112, and I’m pretty small. But I used to work out when I was in grade 6, but they were all just pull-ups, push-ups, crunches, etc. I’m scared that that may have delayed my growth spurt?

When I ejaculate, white fluid stuff comes out, but when I masturbate a lot ( 2 or 3 times in a day ), sometimes I either don’t squirt or just really clear things come out. I have never experienced a wet dream, though I don’t think it’s really necessary to.

I feel that I’m late and haven’t progressed over the years, so that’s why I’m asking all these questions. Anyway, thanks for answering my first question, which relieved me knowing that I’m not “that late.”

By the way, my mom is around 5’1, my dad is around 5’7, so I might just have had a growth spurt, but not really feel it because I was born to be short.


Assuming the estimate is correct that you are at 2.6, then you’ll problem reach stage 3 in the next six months or so. Stage 3 is when rapid growth occurs. It is also the stage when armpit hair usually first appears. I can’t double-check your answers since I can’t see you. The best thing to do if you are concerned is to talk with your doctor and ask for a bone age test. That is currently the standard for deciding where a person is in their development.

Most guys’ penises are relatively small when they’re not erect and the flaccid penis changes size based on body temperature, so that isn’t a concern. The scrotum also changes size depending on temperature, but if it isn’t hanging down when you are warm, then that is another indication that you are still in stage 2.

Exercise has no impact on your growth, other than helping to keep your body healthy. It did not slow you down. You don’t bulk up exercising until after you get to stage 4. In stage 2 and stage 3 your body is not capable of building big muscles.

The white stuff when you ejaculate is semen. It means that you are producing sperm and could have children (though you are too young for that yet). When you masturbate a lot, you use up your reserve semen. Clear stuff that looks sort of like gelatin is a liquid that is produced by your prostate gland. Its purpose is to thicken your semen, but since you used up your supply all you get is the thickener. If it is a clear, runny liquid that comes out before or after orgasm, that is the pre-ejaculate fluid. Its purpose is to flush out the tube in your penis. It is also a lubricant. Pre-ejaculate fluid usually comes at a different time than semen. About half of all guys gain the ability to ejaculate semen in stage 2. The rest get it in stage 4. So again, the indications seem to point to you being in stage 2.

Wet dreams occur when you have an over build-up of semen. Since you are masturbating too much, you don’t have an over build-up. And, yes, masturbating 2 or 3 times a day is too much. You should be able to do fine with just once a day at your age. I suspect that you are into pornography which is not good for you. Just because you get an erection, it doesn’t mean you need to masturbate.

As I said, while you are a bit later than average, you aren’t overly late.


Okay, okay, okay. Thank you so much for answering all my questions!

So the only thing I have to do now is just to wait it out, and it’ll come. I really can’t explain how glad I am to read this. And I’m really happy to know that working out doesn’t slow me down, and also the things about semen, etc. Anyway, I guess I’m still in stage 2, but I’ll get there someday (haha). And don’t worry, I’m not that into pornography. I read somewhere that masturbation is healthy, so I do it once in a while, not every day.

Again, I can’t thank you enough for answering my questions! Like, actually, I’m really thankful that someone would help me with this kind of stuff. Thanks again!


You’re welcome. I just do what I can. If you need to masturbate because your seminal vesicles are getting full, then that is fine. You know they are getting full when thoughts of sex constantly intrude on your mind. But using pornography to get yourself sexually excited in order to ejaculate is not good for you. Among many of its flaws, pornography cheapens the view of sex. It portrays women as mere objects and not people. Sex is just something done. It is called “making love” but no love is present. It is just animalistic behavior. Humans are meant to be something greater and have something greater in their relationships. Take a look at A Look at Pornography sometime. It is about why pornography is morally wrong.